What drives a company's success
in times of change and digitalization?

It’s their employees.
It’s their people.

The highest potential for innovation and success doesn’t lie in their processes or techniques but in their own employees. Therefore, it is a important for companies to recognize, support and make use of these potentials.

We reinforce Intrapreneurship.


means designing a company’s future
from within.

A company’s environmental conditions and circumstances have changed. Our world has become more connected and fast moving, demands of our society have been as high as never before. Innovative and distributive technologies and changes in our society depict challenges to conventional management theories. Hence, new ways have to be found to comply with the world’s increasing complexity, flexibility and rapidity. Therefore, your innovatively thinking and acting employees represent one highly valuable resource.

We support you in implementing an individual intrapreneurship program designed to meet your company’s specific needs. Together we match your corporate culture and organizational structure to have your greatest resource – your employee’s potential – foster your company’s future success. Based on our proven and tested proceeding, we accompany you from
A to Z – from designing the What, How, When, Why to implementing your intrapreneurship program in your corporation.

Our approach in cooperation with you is to establish intrapreneurship, to accelerate innovations as if they were our own ones.

What is Intrapreneurship?


means entrepreneurial thinking in companies

In building up intrapreneurship programs, we follow 3 principles:

Lean structures and processes help to strengthen the internal organization and decision making. This way, resources can be used most efficiently.
Rapidity is a factor for success in increasingly dynamic times. Being able to quickly adapt to changes clears space for action and reaction helping to make adjustments to upcoming situations.
Collaboration and exchange of expertise are today's important drivers of success. Communication at eye level with employees and partners following a clear strategy provides a foundation for a successful win-win situation.


means supporting entrepreneurial thinking employees.

But how to find and enhance intrapreneurs in a company?

Which cultural and structural conditions are necessary and helpful in order to foster intrapreneurship?

We implement intrapreneurship following the process of:

  • Discovering
    and motivating
  • Planning and
  • Creating and

First of all, we analyze together with you the working environment of the people in your company. We sensitize and motivate your employees for an intrapreneurial approach.

Based on the findings, we determine the strategy of the intrapreneurship program while defining how to deal with ideas and failure and how to integrate the approach into your organization. Furthermore, we cooperate with your employees to develop a guideline on raising acceptance and passion amongst them.

Lastly, we activate the approach, generate ideas and empower your employees to bring in their own thoughts. Thus, we aim to transfer findings from earlier program stages, build up prototypes and consequently strengthen the potential and innovative capacity of your employees through intrapreneurship.

About us

„Our mission doesn’t end with implementing a intrapreneurship program.

We believe in empowering innovatively thinking employees.

We introduce the next step into the company’s futures.

We move lean, agile and fast. We combine different disciplines and
experiences to support your intrapreneurial goals.

We also boost greenfield innovation projects for corporates as if
they were our own startups.

There’s a lot of work to do and we couldn’t do it without our great clients.“

Sathees Sabaratnam, M.Sc., LL.M., Director

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